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The 5 Growth Blocks and
The Growing Pains

To overcome the most important growth challenges, 5 Growth Blocks must be thoroughly understood and addressed. Each of the 5 Growth Blocks has its purpose and components. All blocks are integrated and have connected purposes in order to achieve its highest proposal, which is business growth. The growing pains are the main obstacles to strong and scalable growth. They must be understood and confronted by entrepreneurs with the best actions available.

Execution Capability

The definition of Execution Capability is simple: make things happen! It is the core of the 5 Growth Blocks; it means strong and excellent frontline performance. In order to scale growth, a constant and systematic planning and executing cycles have to be integrated into the company’s culture. Some of the most frequent Execution Capability growing pains take place as: excessive firefighting, few implemented initiatives, rework and waste of time.

Financial Efficiency

It is well known that you have to spend money to make money. Although this is a conventional wisdom, it excludes the main point of Financial Efficiency, which is to make the most of the scarce money you have, considering all risks involved. Changing business mindset from exclusive focus on revenues to cash flow efficiency means to overcome pains such as: poor prioritization and planning, overfocus on revenues growth (despite wrong sources and worsened capital efficiency) and subjective performance evaluation.

Growth Strategy

Throughout the growth stages, entrepreneurs and leaders are challenged to devise, to articulate insights and to plan strategies, while engaging the team with growth mindset and strategy execution. Some of the critical growing pains related to Growth Strategy are the lack of growth (Great Pain!), the team’s feeling that the company has lost direction and the increasing complexity of the business.

DNA & People Cycle

During growth stages, attracting and engaging outstanding people to the DNA becomes even more challenging. The DNA that made you grow suddenly begins to change and becomes toxic. People, whom the company trusted, in the early years, are now afraid to face new growth goals and the necessary learning cycle. It becomes very difficult to find and onboard the right talents. The company is not able to prioritize leadership and execution capability development.

Growth Focused Governance

The house divided will fall: the political axiom applies for the company’s future when the shareholders are not able to effectively lead the company. Many are the symptoms of poor governance: shareholders infighting leading to a slow or poor decision-making, family interference in the business, lack of transparency and poor accountability of executives. Growth companies need governance as leverage, not burden.

Fabbrica Sessions

Fabbrica Sessions is a five-month “in loco” training program during which entrepreneurs and leaders meet for two days a month to understand each of the 5 Growth Blocks, to discuss world class cases and their challenges and to develop key actions in order to overcome the growing pains in their business. In partnership with an Israeli educational partner, Fabbrica Sessions’ participants meet online every two weeks to keep on track with the growth actions and to review the learning of each of the 5 sessions.

Education to Entrepreneurs and Leaders