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Growth Strategy

Many times, long-term thinking is an action away from the real lives of entrepreneurs and leaders. They barely have time to operate the company, let alone to plan the future. It is even considered wild guessing by many entrepreneurs who prefer to quickly do experiments and learning.


Actually, Growth Strategy is a fantastic exercise of planning, execution and alignment. It is, systematically, setting the direction for the whole business, analyzing the ecosystem and the customers in search for more growth, understanding critical issues and obstacles and developing, with the team, alternatives to innovate and overcome obstacles. The Growth Strategy end-results (3-5 years view) are the beginning of a new Execution Cycle (1-year view) where all hypotheses (defined in the strategy) will be put to a market test and updated in practice (within the 1 year run cycle). Financial performance will show whether the execution worked out and whether business is thriving or failing. It is communicating and engaging the team with the right DNA and direction.

Growth Cycle – Full Planning and Learning

The company needs to evolve from 100% intuitive decisions to a model in which intuition integrates a deep understanding of the client, the industry dynamics and the actual company performance. The Growth Cycle success relies on devising and communicating strategies, executing and quickly learning from the strategies outcomes.


Entering new markets is always challenging, leaders tend to replicate the market secret sauce to other markets in the same way. Many times, the entry plan misses a deep debate of client and markets, best value proposition, distribution channels and capacity. Effective GTM strategy understands those challenges, sequences the right steps and learns with the outcomes of every expansion action.


Having their digital goals clear, knowing what you are going to do in each phase and several priorities (customer journey, product portfolio, operations, performance data and analytics, IT), and checking the progress throughout the time are the main aspects for developing a Digital Strategy Map.

Agile Thinking

Creating an avenue for innovation for the business means right-approaching it with DNA, leaders, structure and agile processes. From testing hypothesis on customer preferences to quickly understanding the outcomes (data analytics and intuition) and learning (smart failing), agile mindset is more effective than classic innovation for stable environment.

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