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Growth Focused Governance

Transforming partners, businesses and partners’ family relations into healthy decision-making is a top priority to growing business. Poor governance heavily influences Growth and company DNA: low value generation focus, partners’ infighting, founder succession, poor leaders (family members and non-family members) performance assessment and accountability. Poor governance can lead to value destruction and liabilities to entrepreneurs, significantly impacting partners and company family-members.


Growth Focused Governance is refocusing and better exploiting the three basic governance elements: family, ownership and business. Effective boards leverages the level of strategy and execution accountability, the dynamics of discussions with the entrepreneurs and leaders, and brings new and better networking. The way entrepreneurs and leaders understand, deal with and implement governance best practices (i.e.: shareholders agreement, shareholders restructuring, funding rounds) must leverage the impact to the whole, so the whole team can profit.

Board Development

Building a strong advisory board to help entrepreneurs and leaders debate and effectively address growing challenges. A strong board and a committed entrepreneur are much more able to improve the business performance throughout its growing stages.

Mentoring to entrepreneurs

Mentoring sessions are structured 1-to-1 with entrepreneurs to understand their key challenges and reasons behind them, and develop a course of action for overcoming growing pains.

Mentoring to Shareholders Agreement

Building a shareholders agreement is a crucial stage for leveraging the corporate governance. Thoroughly debating the main governance issues and coming up with an effective model to regulate the partners relations and the board relations with the management are aspects of a process in which the partners have to invest time and energy. The potential outcomes are aligned interests, guidelines and rules for company’s prosperity, cohesion and stability.

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