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Our way of working is extremely influenced by Entrepreneurship. For over 6 years, our leadership has been mentoring the entrepreneurs of Endeavor – the global leader for high-impact Entrepreneurship. In 2013, our leadership was rewarded 2013 Endeavor Mentor of the Year (Brazil) prize. Since 2014, our leadership has been developing businesses as an Endeavor Entrepreneur. We engaged in a wide network of entrepreneurship, we are doing missions in Israel (Tel Aviv University), San Francisco (Stanford University), and our leadership is currently taking part in Harvard Business School Owner President Management Program.

Our way of working is influenced by over 15 years of consulting projects in global and regional companies in many segments. Our team executed projects in Australia, Europe, Brazil and Latin America. Our team led and engaged in over 30 projects, whose aim was to achieve challenging goals, develop and apply world-class approaches to solve real world problems and get companies back on track to grow.

This history and the attitude of our team members consolidated a set of values that guides our decisions and core activities.

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