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Execution Capability

Building the Execution Capabilities is critical to growth, from the effectiveness to deploy and implement strategy to a faster field response time. They ground the other Growth Blocks: Financial Efficiency, Growth Strategy, DNA and People Cycle, and Growth Focused Governance.


Although it sounds obvious, most of the companies do not understand what is necessary to build the Execution Capability of their team. In order to achieve more demanding growth goals every year, the entrepreneurs and leaders must prioritize time, money and knowledge to build, systematically and progressively, the team’s Execution Capabilities.

Sales Productivity

Sales Productivity encompasses prospecting the right client and selling the right product at the best price and payment conditions.

Operational Efficiency

The Operational Efficiency consists of making the most of the fixed assets and working capital: supply, production and delivery.


It is necessary to update and revise organizational structure and processes to overcome execution bottlenecks and external challenges to keep the business growing.

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