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DNA & People Cycle

One of the hardest growing pains for a business is the fact that many, or maybe most, of the actual team will not be able to keep up with the 3-5 years growth trajectory. Even worse, the team might become a major source of obstacles for the entrepreneurs and leaders goals: low engagement, high turnover, poor leadership skills, poor execution capability, wrong technical competences and experiences to the current and future growth phase. A nightmare. And when you try to bring talents and leaders to bridge the team gaps, guess what? The founder DNA that has been making the difference so far starts to change for worse.


While those are major DNA and People obstacles to growth, the root causes behind them are addressable. According to Bill Gross, Execution and Team is the second major factor for a new venture success. Actually, constantly and progressively working the DNA and People Cycle through the years can make culture and team a true competitive edge in times of digital and high-tech disruption. From strategic DNA and People decisions (i.e. organization structure) to essential People Cycle processes (i.e. talent attraction, onboarding, training program, assessment and feedback), the whole platform can be developed and improved year after year to foster a key strategic guideline such as meritocracy and focus on results, and innovation.

DNA Development

As it goes bigger, hires new people and changes leaders, the company easily starts to lose track of the same values and rituals that supported its rapid growth. Many times, the company history is forgotten. Among other elements, the entrepreneurs need to remember, develop and make people understand the enormous challenges, victories and obstacles that shaped the business model and the way people take decisions.

People Cycle

People Cycle building is the twin brother of Execution Capability. Having a great team, focused on the execution and with a progressively better people cycle increases the odds of building something bigger. On the strategic side, entrepreneurs and leaders must find the right leaders, adjust the organizational structure to the next growth stage, set the compensation and incentives model. On the tactic side, entrepreneurs and leaders must build sounding processes: talent attraction, onboarding, development program (e.g.: high potentials and operational team), assessment and feedback, as well as promotion and dismissal routines.

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